About Me

Hi – I’m Sam. I have been shoeing horses since 2006, completing my apprenticeship with John Blake AWCF. I was fortunate enough to learn my trade on a whole variety of horses, and given great training and mentorship from him.

I set up just outside Dereham with great access to the A47 to get around mid-Norfolk. I work beyond Swaffham, Fakenham, Holt and Norwich.

In 2015 I stopped shoeing full time, and worked on other ventures, including YouTube channels, my own and with some one else. Whilst I enjoyed it, with a small family, I needed to concentrate on shoeing! 

I then worked in Newmarket in the mornings – 100 miles each day! I thoroughly enjoyed my time, shoeing some of the best horses in the world with some of the most knowledgable farriers in the country.

I also dabbled back into YouTube with Dr Simon Curtis FWCF, a world renowned farriery author, but wasn’t prepared to sacrifice my time for someone else’s venture.

As the kids are only getting older, work picked back up closer to home, I stopped going to Newmarket, it was a great experience, and would recommend it to any farrier, however, it didn’t suit my lifestyle. I enjoy a cup of coffee and a chat (not gossip, farriers don’t gossip).

I still maintain an interest in digital media, and create affordable solutions for small businesses, just like this website. I am a giving kind of person, and if I can make a positive impact on peoples lives by helping their businesses grow, it makes me feel great! Have a look here